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January 18, 2008 Comments Off on Trekking Summit Updates and Guidelines Upcoming Events

Trekking Summit Updates and Guidelines

I have been stalking several travel dudes cum cum blogger about the idea of a carnival for travel/outdoor/trekking/backpacking blogs. This is analogous to The Grand Rounds of the Medical Blogosphere or the Carnival of Education for, of course educators. Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town and Gideon Lasco of Pinoy Mountaineer already expressed their intention of joining the carnival, dubbed temporarily as “Trekking Summit“. There are others whom I know and emailed but have yet to respond to my invitation.

Others who are interested (not just the trekkers/bloggers type, but I mean everyone who can write about outdoors and travel), please don’t hesitate to email me kokegulper[at]yahoo[dot]com, introduce yourself briefly, your blog and yes subscribe to the Trekking Summit.

Here are the submission guidelines that I’ve been thinking. Suggestions will be highly appreciated:

  • Blog articles are due by 11:59 PM PST Tuesday night of every week
  • Grand Rounds will posted on Wednesday of the same week at 7 AM
  • Send the link to your post, the title, and a brief description of your post
  • One entry per blogger
  • Recent posts between 500 and 1000 words are preferred
  • Posts are to be written for a general audience

Potential topics include:

  • Places in the Philippines you’ve been (and every experience you have with it, good or bad)
  • A profile of someone in the Trekking Kingdom, backpacking world or the bundok-ers.
  • Status of Philippine travels, tourism, geophysical and nature sites.
  • Commentary on anything related to travel, backpacking, mountaineering and any outdoor sports in the Philippines

Remember, the target audience here is the educated but not so commonly traveling or backpacking individuals coming from general interest blogs. So lets keep those blog post interesting for everyone.

One more thing, the host blogger get to choose what articles get included and what theme to use on the weekly summit link fest. The host blogger will be rotated amongst those who have joined and will get a pre- trekking summit profiling from the immediately preceding host blogger.

If you’ve got more questions, email me or comment below! And I’m already looking for host for the whole month of February!

So what do we get out of this?Traffic?maybe?Money from ads? Maybe. But the whole idea is about sharing our experiences and thoughts (one that will make us stare into the blue sky for long) to anyone willing to read it.

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