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January 8, 2008 Comments Off on Trekking Summit: A Blog carnival of trekking adventures! Upcoming Events

Trekking Summit: A Blog carnival of trekking adventures!

Another climbing adventure? Yes, but not actually in any trekking destination where we use our leg muscles to fun. We will “blog-trek” about our outdoor adventures here in blogosphere!

Far fetched? I don’t think so.

I am always awed by the blog carnivals(what’s this?) that goes around in the blogosphere- from the Ground Rounds for medical bloggers to the Carnival of Education for the academically inclined. Not only these participating blogs earn a boost in their traffic, but the exchange of ideas is so exciting bloggers themselves have been overwhelmed by the links and comments!

How many of us, travel or trekking destination weblogs (except for a few like these ones, Pinoy Travel blog by Yuga or Ivan About Town by Ivan Henares) who actually get double figure traffic hits per day?To thinks, some of the most amazing trekking posts or blogs I read (not to mention the tips and the detailed itineraries by Pinoy Mountaineer) are from bloggers whose traffic stats pale compare to those political or commentary blogs of well known personalities? It is actually a shame not so many people read treasure posts from these blogs, simply because they have yet to make a name in the blogosphere.

Chris, trekker on top of Dulang’s peak- in style!

Of course this is not limited to the so called “eccentric” bunch of climbers/trekkers/ cum bloggers who have mouthful of experiences to share. Mind you, they are just a portion of the amazing dudes of the Trekking Kingdom. Each week (or two depending on what we agree on), authors will pick a post related to trekking or any exciting outdoor activity that general blog readers could relate and enjoy, and one rotating volunteer blog(er) will host the links. Of course the host will have the “privilege”to choose a nice bunch of interesting topic, stories and what not to host.

So will this drive in traffic to our blogs? If we can bring in the heavy weights of Pinoy Blogosphere, like Yuga or the blogger dudes of the Trekking Kingdom (aka MFPI), traffic will definitely increase. But whats more important, is the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst us and from the general blog readers!

I’m eager to start this blog carnival soon, maybe in the next two weeks, so long as we get the articles already from bloggers and one willing blogger to host the links!

And what do we call this “trekking-blogging Carnival”? Some of the name contenders are

  • Trekking Summit
  • Carnival of Trekkers, Backpackers, climbers and the Like…
  • Blog Trekkers

I’m pretty sure some of you have great ideas and suggestions for this blog carnival! So join and lets trek the blogosphere! Contact me through my email or visit this site for more details.

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