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September 17, 2008 Comments Off on Tacurong Urban Adventure Race 2008: "Where adventure is one thing, and the challenge, is fun!" TAMAC, Upcoming Events

Tacurong Urban Adventure Race 2008: "Where adventure is one thing, and the challenge, is fun!"

One “Big Bang” race! That’s how, Third Talakudong Urban Race 2008, organized by Tacurong Mountaineering and Adventure Club (TAMAC), in partnership with Association of Baranggay Captains (ABC), City government of Tacurong and Trekkers Outdoor Shop, got through last August 13, 2008!

“I’ve got to win this race.”Said Angel, a marathon player from Digos. “Yeah” said his team mate, Babsie ” I just walked out of my house penniless and without permission!”.

Participants from as far as Bukidnon joined this urban race which surprisingly surpassed our expectations. It was conceptualized as a five hour urban challenge testing the stamina, endurance, skills and teamwork of any two person team. The control points were peppered with “levelizers”- task designed to ease out the physical advantages of a gentleman over a lady, and of an “outsiders” and “homegrown” players. That in fact, gave boost to an all women and another mixed racers team from Bukidnon.

Team BuTac, an all women racing team!

“So what are we winning in this race?” asked one player. ” Five K. Kayamanan (5k), Kagalingan, Katalinuhan at Kasadyahan!

One other racer asked “Are we having a party after?” I said “You bet. Yeah, we will make sure your mouth is maintained wet on beer till you drop drunk on your seats!” So on with the race!

How do we untie this knot?There are ten of them!

The ladies of BuTAC got away first from the starting point, much to our surprise. But the puzzle solving skills of Team Stambikers One proved superior to everyone so they got of first to the wet market and descaled tilapia for our post race pulutan recipe. Team Bukidnon overtook them and raced towards VJ R Exit Resto and Grill to catch african hito, only to realize that they run a transit when riding a tryke is allowed!

Sayanga uy!” Lamented Emong, of Team Bukidnon! “I got confused of the instructions!“.

Too late.

The consistently taunted team from Digos and Stambikers One hooked their hito first and then went off ahead of the pack by almost a full 45 minutes. Mitchel, drenched in perspiration and was panting came first to the Cola Drinking Challenge control point. Teams empty the contents of the bottle using only straws that were peppered with holes. As expected, this was the hardest and the most gruesome control point of all, making some players cry and vomit at the same time. It took one team almost a full thirty minutes to sip a twelve oz Coke!

“This is impossible!” blurted Koronadal Team.

Yup, this is an urban challenge, not a walk in the park. But they passed the CP as well about a full 30 minutes behind the leaders on the pack, Stambikers One.

Walking with one player’s leg tied to his team mates leg, racers walked another kilometer towards the Balut Gourmet eating station, but this was a walk in the park for this expert racers.

“Backpacking” their team mates, racers now go “dating” at Magasaysay Park, pass through all rides, make a paper plane that thrown from a distance of 10 feet, should fly through two strings one foot apart

“This is even crazier!” Said the obviously dazed Mitchell of Stambikers One.

And most players thought, paper plane making is for kids. Now they fumblled making planes and even got irked trying to fly that plane through the strings!

Stambikers One got lucky enough and went away first, followed by the Digos team. But shopping proved to be the waterloo of Stambikers One.

At Kimsan Plaza, players were tasked to shop two different goodies using only the exact Php 20.00 bill given to them. Somehow the Stambikers overlooked the total cost on the receipt, went to the next CP but only to be turned back, shop the exact amount of goodies or face disqualification.

To think, the teams have to go to the refreshment station on a sack race style, for about 2 km.

“Nuts” said Stambikers two!

“Oh my God!” That full 45 minute Stambikers One advantage got wasted in that overshopping blunder. Team Digos, took on the opportunity and went ahead to take their snacks at the next CP , then went back to Bennox Chicken for their video karaoke challenge.

” I couldn’t sing” shouted Babsie. “You better sing, or you’ll out of the race!” Roared Ian, one of Bennox boss and race organizer.

The plastic cup pyramid making proved to be another challenging task for the players. Done with a rubber band held by a rectangular yarn, filling up a plastic cup seem very daunting at least, especially in windy weather that afternoon. Team Digos manage to build the pyramid still and went on to the last station – The Kite Making and Flying School for adults.

“Pano ba gumawa ng saranggola?”
“Ganito uh!” Anu ba!”
“Tape pa sis!” Habol pa tau!
“Ganda ba kite ko Dude?” Team Marbel pose with their well crafted kite. “It’s all fun!”

Building a paper kite is one thing, but flying it through a drizzle, is mission impossible. The superb craftsmanship of Babsie showed however. Thus flying a beautifully crafted paper kite with the rain pouring on! That is definitely amazing. So Team Digos won this year’s Talakudong Urban Challenge, followed by the come from behind, Tacurong Stambikers Two, and then Team Bukidnon. Team Stambikers One came fourth, followed by Team Marbel one and two, Team Tacurong One and Two and then Team BuTak who came in a full one hour after the first placer.

Whoa!!! We finished the race!
Nine racing teams, twelve marshals, eight organizers, and so many unnamed audience in one urban challenge.

Definitely it was one hell of racing fun and excitement for each one of us- participants, audience and organizers alike. We gained a lot of racing experience and test here, not to mention the camaraderie we shared for our fellow racers, guests and organizers alike!

Next stop! The Talakudong Adventure Race Awarding Ceremonies and Big Bang Party!

Organizing Staff: Chris, JP, Dan, Jaja, Ian, Ernie, Tikboy, Dave,Chucks, Sir Joy

(We would like to thank our partners, City Government of Tacurong , ABC, and Trekkers Outdoor Shop. The same appreciation goes to our sponsors, Kagrupo Outdoor Shop, Habagat Davao, HigherGround, Mulatto, VE JR Exit, Weslu Grill, Bennox Chicken, Kimsan Plaza, CA Betallac Construction, RO Ang, B-Meg, Agua Vida)

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