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January 24, 2008 Comments Off on My Outdoor Destinations for Summer ’08 Upcoming Events

My Outdoor Destinations for Summer ’08

I’m a bit surprised by the deluged of inquiries I’ve got so far, asking my PERSONAL OPINION about where to go best this summer of 2008! Be it the mecca of mountaineering, the liveliest of all beaches, or the coldest outdoor place for countryside backpacking- I have the zaniest queries in my inbox!!

The big question is: Am I qualified to give such recommendations? I mean, I blog about all my travels and backpacking experiences, rummage the net and magazines about places and watch nat geo adventures on TV. But I barely scoured a fifth of the Philippines’ Best in summer destinations, really.

But hey, I’ve been into places none of my siblings have been . I crawled into cave where batman would be shy to hole in. I got lost in a mountain, spooked while trekking, cut my knees while river trekking , fell in love while on a road trip, and went unscathed (except our car and a pedestrian) after frolicking in a beach. And I’m still here blogging about it. I will trek some more, climb some more and have some more fun.

If there are opinions I will listen to, it will be from people who plunged and bruised themselves in the process. They will give me the best opinion about what not to do in places you’ve never been. So you’ll have more of the fun and less of the hardships.

I will try to make my climbing destinations for summer of 2008 and add a few recommendations from my experience. I will add what I hear, what I read and what I’m going to do (if I haven’t been there yet) if there are any. So feel free to read and make some opinions yourself.Caution though, because you have to follow this at your own risk!

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