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June 23, 2010 Comments Off on Mindanao Mountaineers online community page will expire soon! Upcoming Events

Mindanao Mountaineers online community page will expire soon!

That is exactly what will happen on the 20th of July, when will implement a payment scheme, for the use of its online social networking site.

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When I started Mindanao  Mountaineers Online about a year ago, it was entirely free.  I saw the huge growth of Mindanao Mountaineers online, to some 300 members till today. It serve as an important means of communicating and socializing with our fellow mountaineers here in Mindanao. Despite the overwhelming growth in numbers of our online members, it is never an income generating site and thus could not sustain such a paid site like what ning is going to implement.

These will be our options to maintain this online presence of Mindanao Mountaineers:

  1. We sort of “chip in”, donate or someone sponsor the paid site for us so we can continue using it.
  2. We transfer Mindanao Mountaineers’ online home to another free social networking site (akin to I’ve been beta testing one ‘similar” social networking site, but in my opinion, really lacks the flexibility of A forum is also being considered.
  3. We discontinue Mindanao Mountaineers Online and live like before without it.

I need all your opinions and votes on this. Feel free to live a comment below or if you want your suggestions private, email me directly.  This will affect us all and our future as a freedom loving bukidzens of Mindanao

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