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May 18, 2007 Comments Off on Let’s climb Mt. Matutum. It’s smiling on me! Upcoming Events

Let’s climb Mt. Matutum. It’s smiling on me!

“I’m giving in to an indulgence, a vice. I am going to climb Mt. Matutum“.

Its almost perfect slopes (against the backdrop of a blue sky) and its seemingly coying attitude of cajoling viewers to come “taste me” always bewildered trekkers like me. Try riding a bus going to Gen. Santos City from Koronadal and you’ll understand what I mean. It makes no difference, nor quenching enough, seeing its topography over a satellite, just like this one. I even tried viewing Mt. Matutum on top of its closest neighbor, Mt. Apo. Although unsuccessful, these mundane attempts made climbing this enchanting mountain, a little more salivacious. I have to climb this beauty or I’m going nuts. Mixed nuts!

Mountaineers (including those that will accompany us) who have gone to the peak and back told me the climb is strenuous (Level III), that the trail is difficult and low (no high packs), there is no water on trail (source is unsure or none) and if it is raining (which it is right now), muddy and slippery. But the peak is 360 degrees of majestic landscape, sunrise and more. Not to mention the endemic flora and birds.It is nature waiting for nature lovers. I have countless attempts at being the latter, with varied success.Thus, we are going to enjoy Mt. Matutum this May 19-20, a 2 day grueling but fulfilling climb of our lifetime. My very first climb to Mt. Matutum.Prepared? I just came from climbing 2 of the ten highest peaks in the Philippines, in a month’s time. Plus spelunking and waterfall explorations in between and badminton games every possible day. They say the best preparation for climbing is, to climb more. I’m dead set to trek. No matter how “unusual” my preparations.

At, 2,286 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in South Cotabato region. Although classified as an active volcano, it showed no volcanic activity since March of 1911, thus is seismically quiet. Located at its foot is the sprawling Dole Pineapple Plantations. It’s 16,000 hectares of forest is a subject of a wildlife conservation project by UNESCO. Of these cover, only 3,000 hectares are primary forest home to some endemic birds and animal species. The Philippine eagle is its latest tenant, as experimental release of eagles in captivity was undertaken by the Philippine Eagle Foundation recently.

So what are my goals for this climb?

  • Get to the peak and down alive and happy!
  • Bond with my mountaineering friends. (There are new ones I heard)
  • See as many birds and plant species as I can.(Reading about birds now)
  • Take many landscape pictures as possible. (have to hone my photography skills)
  • Relax from the stress of two week long work intoxication (remember the blast?)
  • Get away from nuisance calls and pesky individuals.( Including bird calls)
How am I supposed to attain this?Climb.Climb.Climb and be safe in Mt. Matutum.

Who are my companions? Fellow mountaineers Joanne and friends will come all the way from Bukidnon, another one from Digos and still another from Davao City. There are five of us from Tacurong City, another group will come from BAGTAC.

Let’s climb Matutum. It’s smiling on me!

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