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January 20, 2010 Comments (10) Upcoming Events

Brewing another fun climb, bird watching, camping and zipline in Lake Sebu

This idea was initially cooked by Chris Bautista and Sir Jojo of Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort. Both mountaineers and eco lovers, they opened up the idea to me and Sir Joy. We were instantly ecstatic especially Sir Joy, who said his feet were itching to climb! When I spilled the news to my fellow bloggers and photo enthusiasts, I got some overwhelming responses. Now I’m pretty much pressured to brew this outdoor event and make it happen. Or at least, make it fun for my barkada and friends alike, lest I get cooked myself. So I talked to Sir Jojo myself.

The plan for the itinerary consist of 4-5 hours easy to moderate trek over an open trail towards Mt. Threekings (~1,000 m) in Lake Sebu, camp overnight for birdwatching and other activity. In the morning, we go on a traverse hike towards Trangkini Falls– another interesting spot in Lake Sebu. After swimming, photo shoot or whatever, we go back to base camp at Mt. Log resort. From there we can proceed to Lake Sebu’s new and longest zipline to enjoy and watch the Dongon Falls. It will be a 2 day activity, beginning early Sat, January 30 and ending up late afternoon of Sunday Jan 31, 2010. Around 10-15 participants are expected to join. Estimated cost per person (includes guide fee, tourism fee, zipline) ranges around Php 600.00 minus travel expenses from the participants place to Lake Sebu proper and the food expenses. This will be finalized once the participants confirm their attendance and the group can plan for the outdoor activity.

I’ve never been to Mt. 3kings myself but it is known to be a good birdwatching area. Endemic birds were seen in these areas like Philippine Eagle and Philippine Hawk eagle. Other endangered species of birds were also noted to inhabit this area. As to the climbs trail difficulty level, Sir Jojo can only compare it to Lake Maughan’s trail. For mountaineers this is an easy 40-45 minute trek, on open mostly rolling hills and clear forest. No walking on fours is expected. Physical fitness for the climb is a necessity however, even if this is just a fun climb. Longer walks are expected for beginners going on this trail. I will update these details as soon as i get more information.

Lake Sebu‘s newest and Mindanao’s taunted longest zipline, is old news to some of us. But the experience there is overwhelming. Watch this video of Aethen Agana (Aethen) doing the zip.

The same zip line designer who made Camp Zabros zip line made Lake Sebu’s zip. Safety and fun is all guaranteed. I’ve been to two of Dongon Seven Water Falls and swam in one of them. The five other falls are inaccessible to the public and its use is restricted to the natives of Lake Sebu.

It is during this previous adventure in Lake Sebu that we talked at visiting Trangkini falls. It’s good now Sir Jojo is including these in the climb itinerary. So for those interested in joining us, please leave your comments here, and inform me ASAP before January 25, 2010. Inputs will be highly appreciated!

10 Responses to Brewing another fun climb, bird watching, camping and zipline in Lake Sebu

  1. tani says:

    Chrome 13.0.782.112 Windows XP

    what is the contact cellfone & name of person to ask for the lodge & zipline. our group wants to camp & trek in that place.

  2. Sang Fajar says:

    nice waterfall./.


  3. Bonedoc says:

    @shawicortez, I almost forgot, who's your contact there? It's good news you told us that these falls are actually "open" to public. Maybe we can hack a trek there. Thanks for dropping.

  4. Bonedoc says:

    @shawicortez, lucky you! As far as my groups' attempts at trekking those falls, none of the "guides" told us its possible for us to see all the seven falls. I don't know if that is just to ward us off, but we did not insisted anyway. Lest we get something else…

  5. shawicortez says:

    "The five other falls are inaccessible to the public and its use is restricted to the natives of Lake Sebu."

    Sir, I beg to disagree. I was there Nov of 2007 and the Dongon brothers themselves took me to the other falls. amazing is all i could say!


    It's just sad that I didn't get the chance to hike with Sir Jojo!

  6. Daxi Weida says:

    can't make it (again) doc!.. no green light from my cardio, she has to do some tests pa daw (para akong prototype no?)… sayang (na naman)!

  7. soiebeans says:

    abelera ka gid, Mark! enjoy a!

  8. Aethen says:

    Yep, sobrang sarap yung ride sa zip. Yung isang cable zip ride balik is shorter ngalang pero masmataas yun. will post the other zip ride. Sa bukidnon, masaya din zip line dun. must try also.

  9. Bonedoc says:

    done Aethen! Power blogs moah dami!!!hehe.Sarap zip no?

  10. Aethen says:

    Hahaha. May video is here! Doc, link naman sa Aethen 😉 Enjoy Lake Sebu, Guys.