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My Lessons in Pageantry: The 2010 Ms. and Mr. Gen San Pageant Night Hot Seat!

I looked to the right side of my seat, then to my left.  Two good looking gentlemen and three adorable ladies already seated for the final judging night. Three of us  are doctors.  But me? I’m used to holding my scalpel  cutting those curves open rather than adoring them. I’m used to marveling what’s deeper than skin and the bikini or gown that hides it. In short, anatomy is my forte.  And pageantry? Uh, I leave those to my brain and hormones.  Reality struck me that moment. I am not just in a midst of a pageant competition. I would be judging a pageantry of beautiful ladies  and keep my hormones (and my scalpel) controlled at the same time. This would be my hottest seat ever!!!

Ms. Gensan in Costume

Ms. Gensan contestants in their costume

It’s a good thing I brought my camera. I have to distract myself at times or I’d be drooling my brains out. These ladies will swoon you off your feet! Uh, I wish i was judging a thesis or appraising a pre-op because those would be a lot easier. The gown competition for example, or the bikini contest. It’s the way these ladies bring themselves up and project their personality amidst almost similar looking gowns or bikinis that mattered. Also, it’s not enough to be beautiful in this pageantry, because obviously they all are after the screening and final contestants were chosen. You really have to project yourself beautiful with all those gowns, bikinis or costumes you don. One judge blurted “energy” and there goes another of my hint. They all flirted with the audience well, and that, that made my job a lot harder.

Mr. and Ms Gensan 2010 Contestants in their swim wear and formal attires

Of course I’m not pretending to be an expert on beauty pageants and the like. But I swear, those beautiful ladies would mean nothing if they haven’t evoked the masculine in me. And with the recent hullabaloo about the brainy sexy part of being a pageant contestant, I will definitely cut open the cerebral part of this pageantry.  Not the rehearsed, not the choreographed answers.  So ladies, you ought to be too sexy for that “shirt”.

Ms and Mr Gen San 2010

All smiles Ms and Mr Gen San 2010

I guess the festive mood of the pageant soared because of its theme and the backdrop. The Tunafest theme blended well with the pageant show. How I wish all pageant shows would be such harmonious with their themes also! I know Tuna festival would be grand, but not as grand as this! With the backdrop  I mean, the set, the preparation at the “back end” to make this pageantry flauntingly successful.  The Centerpoint band sync with the pageant show jolted the already restless hormones that night. The flow of the show is perfect, no lulls, no boring moments and no end to the parade of beauties. At times I had to fumble with my camera, my camera phone or my judging sheet. Excitement is raising the roof. The audience is up on there feet  and my eyes glued to the parading beauties. Buti na lang may Ligaya na ako!  “A glass of very cold water please”…

Winners of the 2010 Ms. and Mr. Gensan

Again, this very hot pageantry will not be successful without the geniuses behind it. The well thought of theme and activity harmony showed class in staging a very successful festival. I can feel their love for Gensan and they are very much ready to show Gensan to the world! Go Global, WHOA GENSAN!

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    […] a beauty expert nor am I a great fan of pageants. But my first encounter of the pageant kind was last year’s Mr. and Mrs. Gensan. I was a judge in that contest.(You can read my post about it here). I will not say I became an […]

  2. Bundok says:

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    @Lito, salamat…Next time kaw na judge…@Bariles, mas patok kayo sa gen san!

  3. bariles says:

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    This should be the most analytical review of a pageant ever! And I love it!!! Hahaha!

    Thanks Doc for giving us a different perspective of the Mr. & Ms. GenSan 2010 pageant! Kalurkey ka talaga!

    Magandang GenSan!

  4. lito says:

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    congrats to all the board of judges the winners are very deserving.

    you had the best suit among the board of judges that night you could be mistaken for a celebrity hehe..

  5. Bundok says:

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    @Lyle, thanks. I got to wear my suit only on conferences! LOL. @ Orman, it was your idea right? I felt liked a little overdressed..LOL

  6. orman says:

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    hahahaha… i can just imagine how you were feeling that very moment doc… but i never got a hint that you were having trouble coz you looked so dapper in your suit! thanks doc for sharing your time with us!!!

  7. Lyle says:

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    You did well that night, Doc and If I may add, you were as sharp as the Men and Women parading on stage.

    Kudos to Orman and Dino for a job well done. I’m not really a fun of pageants but I enjoyed watching the Mr. and Ms. GenSan pageant.