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What type of camera do you use for your travel or hiking activities?

Sir Joy, DSLR user ever since..

As one climb-shootfest I’m planning draws near, I’m already having dilemmas on what gears  to bring. On top of this dilemma is of course, what camera will I bring? A DSLR?Point and shoot? Cam phone? Or any two or more of these? Will it be enough?

Don’t get me wrong! I have a good idea of the risks and capabilities of these cameras when brought outdoors.  But I’d like to get more “lucky” shots by switching cam types for this hike. Lately, I’ve been fond of bringing my bulky DSLR around for some random shots while on a fun trek. While I get some decent shots, I really need to develop a skill for getting consistent shots, not some random “lucky” captures. Moreover, climbs in itself are not that photographer friendly unless you’d slow your pace down to get shots you wanted. Weight and durability of a camera  is another factor, since bringing in big body camera adds weight and poses risks to your security (if you get what I mean) while climbing. Thats why I’m having this anxiety for my next climb-shoot.

I love the outdoors. And so is photography. If I can capture these moments with consistency, to my liking, I’m willing to expose myself (and camera if ever),  to risks. You can help me decide, by answering a short poll here, or answering this question and justifying it shortly here in the comment section of this post.




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21 Responses to What type of camera do you use for your travel or hiking activities?

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    I will still go for my light and handy P and S camera. 🙂 Hiking kc- kailangan hindi masyadong mabigat 🙂 Yun nga lang dapat sure ka sa specs ng gamit na P and S kc sayng din ang moment na sure kapag DSLR ang gamit 🙂

  2. estancabigas says:

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    I still have my bulky dslr but a mirrorless system would be great.

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    Hi Doc. I guess this was the topic that we have discussed during lunch time before we finally parted ways. Though I voted for DSLR for detailed shots, but I still have to bring my P&S as my back-up cam. My P&S has a setting on wide angle which I can also use anywhere else, like landscape. It is a handy cam. All of the comments were right, nothing is wrong. It only depends its comfort zone and the with the eyes of the photographer like Love Mindanao had said.

    During hiking or trekking activities, you will then have some options on what to do. If I am not satisfied with the results of my P&S which I already tried before the existence of my DSLR, I have to switch to DSLR. For wide angle (DSLR), it has a finer result than with my P&S setting. With my Nikon D5100, I am satisfied.

  4. lovemindanao says:

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    I go for mirroless camera , results of your photograph doesn’t really depend on the brand of your camera but on the photographer’s eyes.. in my case, i depend usually on mirrorless since it is compact yet gives same result as DSLR. You just have to study it well and make it an extension of your body so you will have somekind of “understanding” with your cam.

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    i can’t answer the poll… closed group eh… 🙂

    anyway, depende sa trip… kapag festivals or mga trips na ok magdala ng bulky na camera, i use Canon 1100d Dslr with kit lens… kapag mga adventures naman na may water, i use my Olympus Though waterproof P&S camera… kapag mga trips naman na tinatamad akong magdala ng Dslr, i use my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera, which also serves a my back-up cam… 🙂

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  7. Bundok says:

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    @Dragon, ikaw na gid na! (Btw “Dragon” is the man on that topmost photo in this post). I got a 50mm f/1.8 II for low light. Then an 17-70mm f2.8 for my kit lens. I have a telephoto 70-300mm. Base on your advise, I might just have to bring my kit lens 17-70mm. Thanks sir joy!

  8. Dragon_SJoy says:

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    Hey Dok! For me, I would still go out there in the mountains with my Nikon D90 using the glass – 50mm f/1.4 AF-D Nikkor lens (I have one now). With this pack you can do anything you want from portrait to landscape, low light situations, lightweight, sharp images without distortions. You don’t have to have macro lens to take great flower shots for you can use the smallest aperture number your lens can allow. You can play with its depth-of-field. Besides, climbing the mountains and taking shots along the way doesn’t benefit you much of using telephoto lenses. For great pictures comes usually just around the corners of your pathway and reaching the summit.

  9. Bundok says:

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    @Gecarl, thanks for your comment. Indeed a dslr is desirable but bulky. It also is a very “hot” item, an eye candy for thieves. This is one main apprehension I have during “climbs”.

  10. Bundok says:

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    @Ariel, thank you for reminding me to use the micro 4/3. I have an LX5 by the way which I haven’t fully use yet. So maybe this time, I’ll explore a bit..

  11. Gecarl says:

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    I used a Nikkon point and shot camera in all of my mountain hiking activities but I think my pictures could have been better if I use a DSLR camera… I plan of getting one soon… I know bringing one is a little bit bulky but this is what mountaineering is all about… we are getting out of our comport zone and push ourselves to the limit… more challenges means more excitements.

  12. Bundok says:

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    @Ferdz, you’re the second who mentioned micro 4/3 mirror less system, I added it in the poll’s choices. Now I definitely have to read up on micro 4/3! Thanks again

  13. Ferdz says:

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    It’s not on your poll but I would suggest you look into Micro Four Thirds mirrorless system which is lighter, compact but has the same DSLR quality sans the mirror.

    I’ve long ditched my DSLR and have been using the Olympus PEN for more than a couple of years already 😉

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    I use my Nikon D7000 with medium telephoto (150 mm.) so I can have an option for wide angle and medium telephoto shots. I followed the advice of my photographer- friends to just permanently attach the lens to the cam even while inside the camera bag, always ready for any eventuality especially on mobile shooting during hiking expeditions.

  15. Bundok says:

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    Marky, very good point. base on experience, I rarely use my telephoto during climbs. Bulky and really a hassle changing lenses while maneuvering a ravine. I would settle for a walk around lens, one with a medium telephoto and for some macro shots…

  16. Marky says:

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    Using a DSLR, I think the advantage of it if you can also get a wide angle lens and a telepoto zoom lens, but that’s like being the infantryman who brings both the bazooka and the AK47 rifle. Hard to carry everything around. I bought mine on my last trip and I never got to used my telepoto lens, and most of the time I wish i had an equally dependable point and shoot – something its easier to take pics walking. A DSLR is great if you’re on a trip wherein you can find time staying in one place, setting up the lens and the tripod but I read on your blog that u wanted to use it while hiking – hiking then you need an okay point and shoot…just bring what you think is convenient to your style of traveling as they say “wala sa pana yan nasa Indian yan” – you got the skills already, the camera will just serve as the backup.

    • Bundok says:

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      Marky, you’re absolutely right. I now see the trend- the more better and expert the phototraveller is, the less bulky cams they get….:)

  17. Bundok says:

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    Sir Omar, thanks..

    Ariel, thanks also but i’m not familiar with micro 4/3 cams but I guess thats worth trying if it can be useful for me.

  18. Ariel says:

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    I am not a master and have not been hiking/climbing but I voted nonetheless (for P&S)… I think also that a micro 4/3 cam can provide a good middle ground between a dslr and a p&s. You might want to invest in one.. Good luck, doc!

  19. Omar says:

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    i suggest you bring both. but i voted for DSLR. There is always this detailed shot you want from DSLR where PnS cannot do.