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February 2, 2010 Comments (2) Apparel

North Face Jackets in tropical rain forests

In my several years of trekking and hiking the tropical forests of this country, the one thing I always bring with me every climb, is a jacket. Yes I have low tolerance for cold temperatures. Despite the swings of temperatures in this humid temperate forests, the cold weather bites when it hits you. Especially during rainy season and on top of a mountain peak, the cold breeze can be atrocious.

Torrential rains, another common feature of our tropical rain forest, will definitely extract much from your skin and body. At times, “ice” rains do occur. For one warm body that is not accustomed to these extreme weather conditions, jackets for me,  is an essential climbing apparel.

I have been using NorthFace jackets since I started trekking the rain forest of this country. I bring my Genesis Fleece jacket on every outdoor adventure I went to. Made of very light fabric, this fleece, is breathable- retaining body warmth generated by the body (thus warming you up) but  warding off excess moisture. It is also less water absorbent and thus will not easily get wet. it is also one clothing that is quick to dry when it is soaked wet.

I also have a pull over (North Face Salathe) which is another light, less bulky jacket you can stuff inside your North Face bags. Either of this two, you can easily layer with an North Face Apex type outer shell and I’m usually good to go.

Obviously, my preference for jackets lay on its usability, comfort and bulkiness. The less bulky it is, the better for me. If I expect torrential rains in the forest, I bring a Tri Climate Jacket like this one from North Face. The all in one apparel assures me of adequate protection in unpredictable weather conditions of the tropical rain forest. Light, less bulky, all in one feature is definitely a plus for this type of jacket.

One final advice. Choose a jacket that best suit your needs and comfort. Fabric is very important, as well as the intended usage of these apparel. Investing in a good jacket will be a lot beneficial in the long run . In emergency situations (e.g. hypothermia) uphill, jacket is of great help. Without adequate insulation, life saving measures might be delayed.

2 Responses to North Face Jackets in tropical rain forests

  1. Bonedoc says:

    @Arci, yes it is. For apparels as important as jacket for me, I'd invest on something I'd be relying on for the longest time. I'd rather go thrift on my dri fits and trek pants (which I get crushed on treks often)than my jackets. I'm have aversion for cold temperatures!

  2. arcibaldo says:

    nice jackets. and quite expensive too.