Hiker’s Itch Climb Preparations for the Outdoor Newbies

December 18, 2008 Comments (0) Apparel

Higherground patched up polo: Another awesome outdoor outfit from a good friend!

I got so lucky last Mindanao Forum a friend gave me a nice outdoor outfit that made me grin to no end. Marimax of Marimax Outdoor Adventure gave in to teasers and cajoles handing me out a beautifully patched Higherground polo. It was one of his two most prized collections but he “willingly” gave both to Chris and yours truly! For that we were so ecstatic that we partied and jammed the the band’s reggae music that night!

On scrutiny, the polo is made of cool, polyester, quick dry material. The inside were lined with gortex like net for good ventilation. A horizontal slit is also provided on the backside to allow body cooling and ventilation. The breast pockets were expandable and tightened with Velcros. It is lightweight and quick drying and can easily fit into your sacks. Above all, 10 or so unique patches were embroidered on the breast and arm area of the polo making it one of a kind!

Marimax (2nd from left) whipped everyone out off their feet partying!

Marimax is an outdoor entrepreneur, outdoor shop owner in Oroqueta City, a veteran mountaineer, a very likable buddy, a no nonsense party goer, and one of a kind friend. He made the partying lively that night for the whole congress delegates!

Salamat bro! Expect us partying in all your outdoor gigs! And I must agree, in your “thirty minutes hike, 3 days party” plan for a hiking day!

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