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Tourisy Dumaguete City Exploration for the outdoor-ish guy

Breaking dawn in Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City

What will an outdoor-ish guy like you do in Dumaguete City?” Ask one bus passenger enroute to Dumaguete. I don’t know why she assumed I was “outdoor-ish” but I answered in an outdoorsy way-

"Explore. Thats what most newbies do in Dumaguete right"?

Explore. Thats what most newbies do in Dumaguete right“?

While  not in my priority of places to go to, I wouldn’t pass any opportunity to explore urban centers too. Most of my travels are planned around some official functions in urban areas. Preferring the outdoors  doesn’t mean I can’t survive the urban jungle either. So for me, it isn’t unusual for an outdoorish guy to roam around a city especially because, “I’m new to Dumaguete“.

After gallivanting around Negros Oriental, I reserved one day for “exploring” Dumaguete City. Here’s what a one day tourisy tour of Dumaguete possibly achieve:

Rizal Boulevard

“Fantastic! if you’re an early riser and photographer”.

Just be very early for the shoot.  Lots of early morning joggers. Finding your spot and setting up your gears is a bit of a challenge.

Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast.

Cimafranca Subdivision Clay Town, Daro, Dumaguete City

Not the best of beds for everyone, but is the best for backpackers like me“.  

Gabbys front.

Gabbys front.

Located inside a subdivision (away from the crowded streets of Dumaguete) it’s a perfect hideaway to rest your tired body. Ironically It’s just one ride to the heart of the city too.

Huge breakfast serving at Gabbys BnB

Huge breakfast serving at Gabbys BnB

Gabby’s got huge, breakfast servings and equally fantastic merienda menu. Cheaper than expected.

Rocks Coffee To Go.
The Byblos Library, Oriental Hall, Silliman University, Dumaguete City.

“Good coffee, unique ambiance” This coffee shop inside Siliman Campus is quite famous for their coffee and ambiance.  Inside Rocks, I had this feeling of being a student again, after overhearing loud academic discussions about some film in the next table. Never heard such convos since my isko days.

Pancakes and Bacon for the hungry wanderer

Pancakes and Bacon for the hungry wanderer

Coffee is good. So are the pancakes and bacon. I was kind of hungry from walking around campus that afternoon. 🙂

Hayahay Tree House Bar and View Deck
Location: Flores Avenue, Piapi, Escano Beach, Dumaguete City

“I drowned myself in seafood here “. Practically a seafood overload. That’s what Hayahay is known for.  Best for groups or families. Better be early and order your food ahead. Waiting can be a bit longer especially during peak hours.

Sans Rival Bistro/ Pasalubong Center
Rizal Blvd (San Jose Street) Dumaguete City

“Sweet hate I like”.

Sweet hate liking plus coffee at Sans Rival

Sweet hate liking plus coffee at Sans Rival

Not a cake lover but someone said you’ve never been to Dumaguete if you didn’t have Sans Rival as pasalubong. I lined up at the pasalubong center that mid afternoon. Lines are long, so go their early!  That night I visited their Sans Rival Bistro along Rizal Boulevard.  



Their resto is filled with people. Good place to meet friends and sunset Rizal boulevard. I found fresh salad on their menu. Ice cold beer too.

Sunset/ Nightscape
Rizal Boulevard

“Not for me. Got dizzy with the so many people here.” There’s a lively street food scene too, but never tried it. I went here to shoot night scape, but its just impossible with the swarm of people in this area. Could have switched to street photography but headache got the better part of me.

I was planning to visit the old church and bell fry but its close when I went there. I’m sure there are other  places to explore in Dumaguete but I only have a day to spare on my sched.  Maybe, that’s for the non outdoor-ish next time for me.

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