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March 23, 2007 Comments Off on Sama ka Dokie akyat tayo Mt. Apo? Beginners

Sama ka Dokie akyat tayo Mt. Apo?

“Most probably during holy week”. I got ecstatic when I heard this from Chris (Adviser- Tacurong Mountaineering And Adventure Club) about 3 weeks ago when we were planning the Marilog trek. At long last, after several mini climbs in Luzon, I am going to scale the mountain that i used to just pass by when riding buses to Davao-Mt. Apo.


Knowing the ever compulsive accidentophobia in me, I went into a convulsive frenzy of gear and physical fitness preparation. Even if a lot of experienced climbers told me Mt. Apo is not that tough to climb, it is still Mt. Apo (towering 9, 691 ft. ASL) and that I am still a novice climber. The Marilog trek reminded me of the dangers of hypothermia and inadequate preparation. You don’t want to freeze on top of the highest peak, do you?

I searched the net and read everything I can get hold of about Mt. Apo-trails, weather patterns, exotic sites and then read some more of my BMC manuals and climbing guides. The net was really helpful and some mountaineering site have detailed “guide” and tips for the climb.

Then I talked to people who were there already (Chris, Onin, Sir Joy), yes the ones who scaled Mt Apo. Surprisingly, most of them talk about good things that happened there.

I know I’m just a geek at climb preparations, but I don’t want to be the first ever orthopedic surgeon to hit the news on top of Mt. Apo. Not now i guess.

Next: What and how did I prepare for the climb- The details.

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