Carles | Islas Gigantes : Picture perfect Cabugao Islands!

Carles | Islas Gigantes: Long Sandbar of Bantigue Island

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Carles | Islas Gigantes : Lunch on Antonia Beach “Sandwich Island”

I was quite curious what the next island would offer to “surpass”  the picturesque Cabugao Island I just visited. Almost all beaches and islets in Gigantes  have superb white sands and clear, blue waters.  I gave up comparing one over the other early on the island hop.

Antonia Beach front

So what makes Antonia Beach unique? Jun Rhey gave a hint as we are approaching the island.

“Look at the huge boulder rocks lining up the beach. Noticed anything” ?

sandwich island

Took me a while. The beach is lined up by boulders that have regular, leaning “erosion lines” giving it a “sandwich” like appearance. Hence, Jun Rhey said, Antonia Islands is sometimes called sandwich island. Neat. Thanks to these karst formations.

karst formations
Above is an example of Karst formations on the beachfront of Antonia, east side.

Gigantes Island is one of the island in the Philippines that has plenty of karst formations and Antonia Beach is home to one.

karst formations east

Antonia Beach got its name from the owners of the island. It is also the designated lunch area for Gigantes Island hoppers, hence the tiangge on the island. This island is filled with tourists on peak days  so better get those cold drinks even before you settle for lunch.

The east side of Antonia  Beach looked even better to me. Coconut trees lined up the beach and the waves is calmer on that side.
Looked really enticing but I never swam on that side. I was alone in that part of the island I’m afraid nobody would notice if I got lost in the vastness of this beautiful beach!


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