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April 24, 2008 Comments Off on Rediscovering Samal’s hidden paradise! Beaches & Marine

Rediscovering Samal’s hidden paradise!

“We’re going back to Samal one of these days! We haven’t explored even half of these beautiful paradise near us!” I swore about a month ago, when me and joy just came home from exploring Cannibad.

Bringing our usual “house on your back” necessities, we head to falls and beach hopping on the Island Garden City of Samal.

Hagimit Falls
This conundrum of water cataracts that fall onto several shallow basins of crystal clear water awed us to no end.

Situated some 3 kilometers from Penaplata market, this series of mini waterfalls is easily accessible with a haba-habal ride.

Terrific site for bathing and picnics, the place is however too eerie for us to stay and camp overnight.

Isla Reta Beach Resort, Talikud Island
Another hidden paradise rediscovered, this place is easily accessible if you’ll just ride the 9 am or the 3pm boat ride from Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City. We were a little bit adventurous that time so we took a habal habal from Penaplata market to Kaputian beach resort and then rod a boat to Isla Reta. A long tiring ride.

It’s worth the adventure of course, as we relished Isla Reta fully by staying there for two days.

Yes, two days of just frolicking in the beach, just lazily sleeping on a hammock, or the resort grass and just doing nothing while gazing at the beautiful beach front.

It is indeed another paradise rediscovered.

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