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Carles | Islas Gigantes: Long Sandbar of Bantigue Island

Bantigue Island is about 15 minute boat ride from Antonia Beach. It’s best to go here during low tide, around 3-5PM  and the longest sandbar in Gigantes Island will reveal itself fully.

Bantigue Island Sandbar around 2PM

Bantigue Island Sandbar around 2PM

I reckon this snakelike white sandbar stretches all the way to the other island across. My tour guide couldn’t confirm though.  Typhoon Yolanda  flattened and widened the sandbar hence a portion of this sandbar is now submerged.

It was just past midday when we went arrived at Bantigue Island.


The harsh mid day sun mostly burned my photos white. My lens filter isn’t enough to block the glaring rays. Also, dogs barked at me while I was walking towards the main island. I got back near our boat in no time. Hahaha!

I  swam there quietly.

I’ll chose sunburn over dog bites anytime. 🙂


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