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May 5, 2009 Comments Off on Kalinawan Resort: Ultimate Outdoor Site for Team Building! Beaches & Marine, Resorts, Side Trips (Places to Visit)

Kalinawan Resort: Ultimate Outdoor Site for Team Building!

Our latest adventure to Cannibad Island brought us to more “outdoor places ” than we imagined. When our Cannibad beach caretaker suggested we go island hop on a banca and land on a new resort somewhere near the foot of Mt. Putingbato in Samal, I got doubly excited. After about 30 minutes of banca ride from Cannibad beach resort, our boat landed near one new outdoor site- Kalinawan resort.

What we saw drooled our outdoor spirit.

The off shore view of this outdoor site is astounding. Kalinawan Resort sits on top of  a cliff overlooking a white sand beach resort below. I thought whoever conceptualized this site, is a genius. Without the eco friendly lightweight structures, the cliff could have been just another boring rock and would look hazardous if not downright scary with its scissor like edges.

It was still under construction when we got there. We tried (and succeeded) talking to the geniuses who made this site to let us in and take a sneak peak. Despite the site’s reservation only policy, our eyes were allowed inside the sprawling outdoor site and its facilities. Thanks to the site engineer and the owner himself- Vip Jacob. Typical of a camera shy but relaxed outdoor enthusiast himself, Vip talked to us about how the site evolved, how it is continually being improved and what he outdoor activity facilities he planned to include in the future.

I couldn’t stop my urge to tinker with their facilities and site. Here’s some of the site’s (and us) photos.

I can’t help but marvel at the so many outdoor activities you can do here, from ziplining, rock climbing, kayaking, beacheneering, diving to name a few. Vip even suggested that if you’re “hard core” enough, you can try climbing Puting Bato‘s Peak first, mountain bike through Cannibad’s rocky road or swim its coastline to and fro Cannibad’s beach, then relax at Kalinawan resort. Sounds like Ironman Triathlon to me but I think its a very enticing idea to my outdoor buddies.

I can’t help but admire the dedicated service they give on their clients. That’s why your group (10 person each group at least) has to reserved in advance. The exclusive use of their facilities will make sure you get the best outdoor enjoyment you wished for, in the safest way you can get it!

For those interested going into this outdoor site you can get more complete infor here in their official website, on multiply and even on facebook. And if your group, lack a couple of persons more to complete ten, don’t be shy to contact me (and joy) and we’ll happily jump in!

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