Two Day Asik-Asik Fallsventure in Upper Dado Alamada

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Journeying Siargao through a different lens

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”- Henry David Thoreau

“You’re going to Siargao? You lucky son of a .!@#$ have a surf trip!”

Siargao through a different lens

Whenever someone mentions Siargao, “surfing” comes to our mind first. Big thanks to Cloud 9– that moving, right breaking hallow tube of wave that surfers “ride” into and seasonally seen in Siargao. I have not seen a “Cloud 9” on my two visits to Siargao. Neither would I be able to get into one if ever. But I obviously look forward to savoring again a beginner’s surfing experience in “Crowd 9”.
This one though may qualify as a “Cloud 9-ish“.

I am in Siargao for a different reason though and none of it involves wave surfing.

I am on a “journey”  to search for and catalog personal aspirations, traits and values to effect change-goodness and all, in me and the people I love. To change the world, for the better.

An inventure.
The Mangrove forest of Siargao is one of Philippines best, and shielded Siargaonons from typhoon for years

And so I began to see the world differently, through a different lens. I started with Siargao and it’s people of course,  my favorite classroom.

I learned to be patient, observant, mindful of my environment. I breathed fresh air, enjoyed the warm sunrise, felt the waves and sands on my feet.

By lens, I also mean literally. The 10-22mm UWA lens, 50D Body and tripod would have been useless have I not tried connecting with Siargao thru this lens. I froze all these moments in my photos, the way I wanted it to be.
Unique. Different. Experiential. Sublime. Inspiring. Connected.

Yet I enjoyed the people’s company- people I’m with and the Siargaonons I worked and live even for a brief moment.

I never looked at Siargao (and the world) the same again.

Last month I was given the chance to do the “journey” again. Again, I saw Siargao through a different lens.
The fiery sunrises..


0f calming the waves..


For the most part of it, I really don’t know where this journey would take me.

Or the choices I make are that supposed to be the ones rightfully mine.

I go back to what HDT said:

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”- Henry David Thoreau

I guess I should…:)

(Thank you my UFLJ, UFLJ-Bakhaw mentors and family for bringing me to Siargao. A life changing Journey!)

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