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El Nido Palawan’s Tour B: Coves and a Cave

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El Nido Palawan’s Tour A: Beaches and Lagoons in Photos

First things first. I really like El Nido Palawan. It’s probably the best island experience the Philippines has to offer. Taunted as the Philippines’ last frontier, El Nido’s pristine beaches and lagoons (coupled with the warmth of its inhabitants) make it a top destination in the Philippines.

Tour operations in El Nido (and Puerto Princesa) is so efficiently good, tour guided travels to this place is a breeze.

Tour operations in El Nido (and Puerto Princesa) is so efficiently good, tour guided travels to this place is a breeze. Just contact a tour operator and they will arrange everything for you- from the time you arrive at Puerto Princesa airport, and back after your tour. This is perfect for first timers. The no frills travel is just awesome if you have the time and money to spend for it.

This is not an El Nido guide, mind you. The net is already full of El Nido guides and as I’ve mentioned, the tour operators are so good, everything else will be laid out for you.

Let me start my photo tourist series of El Nido with “Tour A: Beaches and Lagoons”. These are photos of the beaches and lagoons comprising “Tour A” when I first set my foot on the island two years ago.

The Seven Commando Island was our first stop. The long stretch of white sand beach awed us to no end. The man made structures of stalls and stores however, is an eyesore.
COMMANDOSeven Commando Island

Simizu Island is where we had tour group lunch. The karst wall near the beach side is majestic. I had limited time for photography though. SHIMITZU
Simizu Island

Entrance to the Small Lagoon is small and often jumpacked with tourist. Going inside the lagoon requires a bit of swimming if the tides are high. I swam to the other side of the lagoon just for fun. It’s unnecessary though.

SMALL-LAGOONStanding on the other bank of the Small Lagoon after a swim

I’m sure we’re allowed to swim in the big lagoon, but our tour group decided against it. Most of us we’re too tired to even dip our feet there. The photo ops ate most of our time. BIGLAGOON2

Here’s an unobstructed view of the big lagoon. BIGLAGOON

Tour A: Beaches and Lagoon are mostly made up of easy beach hop and boat ride. As any island hopping the scorching heat and the frequent boat rides is your best frenemy.  I could have stayed longer at the beaches if i was alone. I’m sure I can get better shots if I stayed longer. For now, these photos will suffice. 🙂

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