Carles | Islas de Gigantes : Sunrise by the...

Carles | Islas Gigantes : Picture perfect Cabugao Islands!

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Carles | Islas Gigantes : I’m “fish” on a giant Tangke lagoon

I am totally convinced Tangke Lagoon is one spot  you have have to visit if you’re in Islas Gigantes. Going there on a fairly good weather is attainable and doable, but there are calculated risks.

Tangke Lagoon, Islas de Gigantes | Carles (c) 2014 | Remo Aguilar | All Rights Reserved

Tangke Lagoon, Islas de Gigantes | Carles (c) 2014 | Remo Aguilar | All Rights Reserved

On a regular fair weather, waves slap the rock edges constantly that there’s always the danger of you and or your boat hitting the rocky, cliff edge. Our boat is rocking quite vigorously I can’t even stand on the boat.  My guide jumped  ahead, swam across and anchored our boat to the rock edge using a rope towline. He swam back to our boat, asked to bring my camera (on a water sealed pouch) to the edge of the cliff. Then he asked me to wear my life vest and swim across using the towline as guide.

My two legs went shaking. ” You mean I swim across with all those waves?” I yelled amidst the deafening wave slaps. I can swim of course, but hell I wouldn’t lie this is totally scary for me. “Akong bahala sa yo sir!” yelled my guide. Comforting.

And so because there are no other guest on the boat more fearful than me, I psyched myself and jumped into the ocean. I swam across as fast and vigorously as I could without my vest. I swim best without vest in the waves! I forgot my GoPro was still on!

Watch this video

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I made it to the other side safely, climb a little top the rock edge and into the entrance of the lagoon. I heard the boatman and my guide yelling and clapping “Galing nyo lumangoy sir!” . I was just shaking my head. My legs were wobbly. I thought “I have to swim back to get into that boat again. Crazy!”

When I saw the lagoon, all my fears suddenly went out of me. There are simply , no adjectives to describe the beauty of this natural lagoon. If you’re not enthralled by these photos, I don’t know what will:

Tangke Lagoon Islas de Gigantes

Let me not ponder on the geohistory of this place, Im sure many people knew it better than me. All I did was get as many photos (and selfies) I could and then swam across the lagoon in all directions. I have the lagoon to myself and there was this stupid urge to just get into all the nooks and crevices inside this lagoon.

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The next time I’d go here, I’ll ditch my camera and just enjoy the lagoon’s sweet, lovely quietness and the sun above it!  I think I stayed inside the lagoon long enough I saw the tides changing already. After those routine selfies and picture taking, we headed back to the cliff edge to go back to our boat.

My guide asked me if I’m willing to jump a picturesque cliff, into the waters (yes, the waves!) and he will get my picture while “on air”. The picture effect was supposed to be me jumping into the visible Cabugao Gamay island on the back drop.

Small entrance bay to Tangke Lagoon

Small entrance bay to Tangke Lagoon

“Hell, no! I’m crazy and stupid, but not that crazy and stupid!!!” Next time maybe..


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