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May 3, 2009 Comments (2) Beaches & Marine, Resorts

Cannibad Island: Secret Paradise No More…

I never had enough of Canibad. The first time we got there, we were smitten. We craved for more and promised we’d be back sooner than later.

Me and my “perennial wanderer” Ligaya never got tired of going back to that awesome place. The tranquil white sand resort glued on a backdrop of some faraway secluded beach is too much to resist. So we gave in to our demon. We head back to that paradiso half naked and frolicked once more. And it felt even better…

See these shots to wonder….

I’m not trying to steal a boat by the way….
 A scenic shot inside the “cove”

 Another shot of Cannibad Beach inside the “cove”

Obviously, this beachscapade is incomplete without my “model”…

guess who???
Your guess is as good as mine…

2 Responses to Cannibad Island: Secret Paradise No More…

  1. Bundok says:

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    you’re right liz’s not as pristine and as secluded as 3-4 years before..tourism caught up with the coastal beaches…

  2. liz marie says:

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    its “canibad” not cannibad–it pain me to think nowadays that canibad was no longer the paradise i once explore 11yrs ago–bcoz of so many developments and the beach was no longer secluded and was half ruined…:(