Carles | Islas Gigantes : I’m “fish” on a...

Carles | Islas Gigantes : Lunch on Antonia Beach...

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Carles | Islas Gigantes : Picture perfect Cabugao Islands!

If you have read or seen pictures of Islas Gigantes on the net, Cabugao Islands must have been the attached picture to it. It’s probably the most photographed spot in Islas Gigantes. On Google maps,

But it looks awesome on pictures too!

Cabugao Gamay Island

Cabugao Islands are actually two islets -“Gamay” or small and “Dako/Grande” or big.  In this photo, the hill where I was standing is the “Gamay” and the island on my back (not shown), is Bantigue Island and further, the  Cabugao Grande. (Thanks Allan Barredo for the correction)

Cabugao Gamay Island

Theres a small climb path going to Cabugao Gamay with staircase like rock ladders and rope lines. Sorry I have to do this photo op climbing bla said my guide although you wont spend a sweat climbing the hill. Unless, the sun is above you of course.

Climb to Cabugao Gamay Island

Below, the sand is even better.

Parking boat

I consumed most of my time taking photos in this island. No swimming for me.

I swear next time I go back here there shall be no repeat of this stupidity!.

More photos on my flicker account.

Cabugao Gamay Islands

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