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Britania Group of Islands- Surigao Del Sur’s best but not so secret islands anymore!

Hands down Britania group of islands got to be one of the Philippines best island hopping destinations. Islets are comparable to the finest of El Nido, Islas de Gigantes, Concepcion Iloilo group of islands.There’s close to two dozen islands off the coast of San Agustin in Linga Bay, facing Pacific ocean. Most of these islets are uninhabited. Only five of these islands is accessible to tourists. All surrounded by blue, crystal clear water.

Britania Group islands

These group of islands off the coast of San Agustin Surigao Del Sur are probably one of the top island hopping destination in the Philippines

Access to this the jump off site is via Brgy. Salvacion where a tourism info center is manning the entrance for logging in and fees. Then will be directed to several private resorts with wooden planks where boats stay. You can negotiate a boat for island hopping from there.

I find it quite unimaginable how one could actually fully enjoy each of these islands. My idea of a “beach” is a whole day of frolicking and picture taking till I drop dead tired.  Hopping four islands in one day is just like food tasting torture. You can only eat so much!

Less I get carried away by too much excitement, let me show you Britannia group of islands in pictures!


HAGONOYINSIDEHagonoy as seen from the farthest side of the island

Naked Island well not naked now because of that guy selfie-ing!

Hagonoy Island as seen from Naked Island

Hiyor-hiyoran Island is where we ate our lunch

Or where I tried some boring photography

Or ate some sea urchin

Boslon island where the tourism markers and grotto are located

Boslon Island as seen at the back of the grotto

PANGLANGAGAN ISLANDS, that twin islands just at the back of Boslon Island

You can view all my Britania photos on flicker:


But if I were you, I’d just go to Britania group of island myself. No picture could ever beat the experience of having to swim in the crystal blue waters around the islands! That is beach life at its best!

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    Britannia Islands is awesome! We did ours early morning at around 6 to 9 AM! We had the entire islands to ourselves!

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    glad you enjoyed your trip to Britania… did you see the white crabs camouflaging in the white sand of Naked Island?