Chronicles of Sagada I: Road to the highland paradise!

December 25, 2007 Comments Off on Reminiscing Bohol! Backpacking

Reminiscing Bohol!

    The following series of blog posts is all about my Bohol adventures a long time ago (read: 2 years). I still have the pictures and the vivid memories so blog ko na rin!

My mom is from Pilar Bohol. But in all my life, this was my first time to set foot on the island were my mom came. I felt I owe it to my forefathers that I should be here even once in my lifetime.

So, when our Bohol POA Midyear Convention came, I made sure I was on the plane with the seven, excited orthopedic residents from PGH who will join the rest of the Philippine’s Orthopedic world that troop to Panglao Bohol for the 2006 midyear convention. And I was darn glad I took that flight!

The whole PGH Orthopedic Residents staff and their love ones, taking advantage of the Bohol marker outside a souvenir shop in Bohol.

I felt home in Bohol, not only because I could speak their native dialect, but because the aura was so similar back home in Mindanao– courteous and accommodating people, a laid back environ that soothes your tired body and spirits ( I was from a toxic surgery the day before). But when I saw the different spots, the old churches, beaches, caves, rivers- I was mesmerized. This place is more than home.

Waiting to be “checked-in” at the lounge of Bohol Bee Farm.
L-R front row: Ellen, Nats, Tams Back row seated: The author, Nilo, Nando and Don

The first place that struck me was the place we’re going to stay for the duration of the convention- Bohol Bee Farm. Owned and run by a foreigner and her Filipina nurse wife, Vicky this was an eden on Bohol. Built in Mexican style architecture, I learned to love the spacious openly relaxing house built of wooden materials (plus a little cement here and there) and decorated in exotic Mexican motif. The landscaping is awesome and the accommodations superb. Look at their 270 degrees view of the beach side when your in the bath tub!

The author taking his time inside a cocoon’s bath tub while viewing Panglao (taken with a self timed point and shoot camera)

And for the health buffs, you will have a heaven of nutritiously cooked non meat products you would actually ask for some more! You can even relax by the seaside and get a soothingly sleep inducing massage by their spa house, overlooking the great Panglao beach.

Feels good to be out of the OR! (Thanks Nats for this Photo)

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