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Why I love Kule Tourist Receiving Center (Guño Bong)

It all started with the recent opening of  Kule Hunter Trail going to Mt. Melibengoy/Lake Holon. I still love camping at Lake Holon but staying at Guño Bong is something I look forward to whenever I’m bound for Lake Holon.

Why do I love staying at Kule Guño Bong?


Kule Tourism Center (Guño Bong) was initially, exclusively funded and built by the people of Sitio Kule themselves.  Impressed by this bayanihan spirit, DOT 12, LGU Tboli and Tboli Tourism office  “trained” the community how to accommodate tourists while preserving their Tboli culture and practices. Thus, Kule Guño Bong was born.

So, going back. Why do I love staying at Kule Guño Bong?

There’s so much authenticity You can feel from the Tbolis of Kule. As one of my guest friends would say it, “it’s like vacationing with your relatives”. There’s not a minute when the attendants wouldn’t ask if you’re comfortable, hungry or “have you slept soundly last night?”.  I feel like a VIP or celebrity staying at a 5 star hotel, minus the 5 star urban building. It’s interesting that Tbolis in Kule who are engaging tourists are younger  but very much adept in Tboli culture and traditions.  The rekindling of Tboli culture and traditions are very much alive in this generation of Tbolis.
Kule Tbolis

Tboli House
I love the open, fireplace centric design of the Tboli house. It is entirely made of bamboo and nipa roof material. The fireplace, which acts as the cooking and eating area for Tbolis, is also the best place for coffee and warming up during cold nights . The open house architecture exudes warmth. The large windows offer a vantage point for the lush greenery of the hills outside. Situated just at the foot of Mt. Parker, night time is almost always exceptionally cold. Kule homestay provides beddings but make sure you have your own (fleece) jacket.
Goño Bong Peeps

Sito Kule is actually part of Brgy. Salacafe Tboli South Cotabato. Yet, it is quite far from Brgy Center and about 1-2 hours by motorcycle from Tboli town proper. The road up the community is quite rough for four wheeled vehicles. It is situated on one of the hills near Mt. Parker/Melibengoy. I mentioned before the exuding authentic helpfulness of these people. Their respectful and friendly attitude is exceptional. I ran out of hello’s and hi’s every time I meet a Kule Tboli. Even the kids. The Kule Tboli will stop, smile and say their greetings then politely excuse themselves to go on with their activities of daily living.

“Naluts” come to mind- that adobo like chicken cooked inside a bamboo stem. naluts

Cooked rice are wrapped in an aromatic leaves. They’ve got one of the best native coffee. That “alupi” or mashed  kamoteng kahoy paired with Tboli coffee is just glorious.
kapetla Simply glorious.
Just tell the Tboli ahead what food you want to eat and for as long as the ingredients is available in the community, they will cook and serve it to you in no time!
Just a hint. The Tboli cultural dancers there are the best in Barangay Salacafe. Or even in the whole of Tboli. So when you stay at Kule Guño Bong, you get to see the Tboli dance performed by the best, in the house! They will even teach you to dance or play some of the Tboli musical instruments. The homestay attendants wear their native dresses at day time while receiving guest and tourists the Tboli way.

I have not tried this yet but I will soon. I suspect Kule would be a great place for meditation given the reason I mentioned above. In the previous trips to this place, I was busy ferrying friends to and fro Lake Holon so I didn’t have time for meditation. I’m looking forward for a solo visit and meditate here soon. Like what shawn did…


Perhaps I love Kule Guño Bong because I love less crowded homestays detached to the noisy urbanized centers. You get to spend some precious, relaxing time with few like minded friends. There. I’ve  said it.

If you and your friends plan to stay at Kule Guño Bong, here are some of what you need to bring:

  • Your outdoor self. This is not a stay at an urban five star hotel (although the service is like one)
  • Clothes for the cold, rainy night. Fleece jacket, bonnet, leg warmers, socks, gloves if you want.
  • Headlamp/Flashlight. there’s only battery powered light there.
  • Sleeping bag/Hammock. They provide beddings too.
  • Book/Electronic Book reader 🙂
  • Cellphone.For emergencies only
  • Camera. Make sure you get permission for all the photos you are taking.
  • Of course, change money for your fees and expenses. Rates are standard there. They will only accept standard rate fees. I personally do not recommend tips. They will also reject tips too.

I personally do not recommend bringing/doing this:

  • Your coño/elitista attitude. Leave it elsewhere.
  • Gadgets. There’s no signal at the Guño Bong itself. There’s a “call center” (a term for telco signal) somewhere southeast of the community. I don’t recommend going there at night.
  • Liquor/Cigarettes. Feels kind “out of the aura”.
  • Too much noise at night.

Thats it! If you plan to trek up to Mt. Parker and Lake Holon, why not spend a night at Guño Bong? 
Goño Bong
Hope to see you at Guño Bong one of these days!  


Total Score 99%

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