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November 18, 2008 Comments Off on Agong House in photo jest! An artistic nosebleed for me. Backpacking

Agong House in photo jest! An artistic nosebleed for me.

The idea was simple, but the feat is astounding. The thought of a billionaire Turkish national building  his”concept” vacation house here in the Philippines raised my eyebrows. But when he hired Kublai Milan to design and build one for him here some 3,000 feet ASL, it raised more eyebrows. Thus on the seventh day, Kublai Milan built the Agong House. Well, not really but the desired concept place became an awesome reality.

The following photos will walk you through the architectural and engineering wonder better than my words can describe..


 You start of with playing patintero with with Kid Agong- part of an indigenous Mindanao family that is vibrant and happy. They are the original gong beaters.

The “kneeling oblations” obviously is in some form of worship for a supernatural being.
The front receiving house or chapel(?)located a little far up the main house.
In front is the awesome Agong crowned front porch, complete with the architect’s obsession for details and style..
Then you’ll meat a dancing Gong (hence a-gong) beater  5 times your size…This people are musically inclined and gongs produces a high pitched, fast tempo beats that will wake up your souls…
No, not Chris’ soul for lollipops….The gongs behind him…
But before you even hit the roof for some spectacular view and sculptures, read this “..leave your worries”…
When you get to the roof don’t get to high just so you can meditate. The gusty winds might blow you off the chimney..
Try waking up your cultural and artistic brains for this bigger than life size musical ensemble…in pure cement.
or metal sticks…Ahh, some concepts remain a concept for me..
but have some fun of course. This place is as awesome as reinvigorating as your “wish list” of hope



who knows, you might just get what you wished for…


(Note:Thanks to Onin (not in pictures obviously) for this stunning pictures. To the models, me, chris and joy, who unselfishly volunteered themselves for this photo shoot . They are as stunning as the place. As in stunned.

To the owner of the Agong House, who despite not meeting us personally (really now?) “allowed” us to peep into his/her private property and enjoyed a talent and beauty worth remembering-thanks so much!

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