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February 24, 2010 Comments (1) About, Upcoming Events

Upcoming additions to Talakudong Mountaineer’s site!

Since starting this blog a while back,I was already thinking of adding more helpful features for my readers each day. Many of my readers see interested on a my beginnings in this outdoor lifestyle. They seem to look for a common ground, a baseline where to jump start their foray into outdoor fun.

Thus, I’ve decided to create mini sections on the following in the future:

  1. Tips and a little bit of how tos in trekking, hiking and of course mountaineering for newbies especially. 
  2. A mini list of the best outdoor destinations here in the Philippines and engage readers on their thoughts about these destinations
  3. Equipment reviews and guides to buying (or borrowing)
  4. Exercises and Physical conditioning tips for hikers
  5. Events, gigs and climb sections, where hiking/trekking/mountaineering schedules can be posted.

This probably needs a site re arrangement and addition of sections though.  So expect a lot of changes in Talakudong Mountaineer! What do you think guys?

One Response to Upcoming additions to Talakudong Mountaineer’s site!

  1. Anonymous says:

    good day! i'm Don.. pwd mgsali sa mga climb nyo?
    tacurong base ba kayo? txt me if meron kayong climb.. gusto kong sumali sa mga adventures nyo..