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January 3, 2010 Comments Off on Top Five Outdoor Activities for Talakudong Mountaineer in 2009 About

Top Five Outdoor Activities for Talakudong Mountaineer in 2009

First, let me just say for once that last 2009, my outdoor travels took its steepest dive if we talk about numbers. Compared to the previous year of 2008, the total number of outdoor activities I made can be  lumped in just one month! Pretty depressing, for obvious reasons.

But that’s not to say, I didn’t have any rock solid outdoor adventure or outdoor related activity I’m proud of last 2009. To give due recognition to those activities and people who made it all possible for us, I’ll enumerate the top five activity which I think made an impact on my outdoor lifestyle for 2010. Here’s my list, in no particular order and it’s corresponding links!

To all the people I’m with during these events, and for those who made it all possible, I thank you all. I made good friends indeed. Now, I’m looking forward to more outdoor activities in 2010. So if anyone have any good suggestions or events to attend to, drop a comment here!!!

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