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Top Five Outdoor Activities for Talakudong Mountaineer in 2009

February 10, 2009 Comments (1) About

My not so real "about" page

I am Remo Aguilar, a young orthopedic surgeon living in the plains of South Central Mindanao. I dabble in so many things. I’m an academician,  medical-lifestyle blogger, passionate outdoor enthusiast, amateur badminton player and a computer geek. I’m called  “Bonedoc” or “Bundok” online and Dokie among my closest friends. As you might have guessed already, the name bundok or bonedoc struck because of its referrence to my passion for the mountains (bundok is the Filipino word for mountains) and my profession (bonedoc=bone doctor).

I got hooked into the outdoor lifestyle some 4 years ago, when I’m about to finish my orthopedic training at UP-PGH. I joined a  medical mountaineering group (Aesculeptian Alpine Adventure Club) climbing several mountains in Luzon.  Then I met a few enthusiastic mountaineers in my home town, and reinvigorated my current mountaineering club, Tacurong Mountaineering and Adventure Club (TAMAC). We never stopped trekking since then and was in fact, just looking forward to another outdoor or mountain to “conquer” everyday.

I started writing about my outdoor lifestyle back in the late half of 2007. I considered these outdoor travels as treasures so I’m documenting it on a personal basis. Hopefully, when I can’t move a bit to trek a hill, I (and my children and grand children) can still relish these memories in a book. Yup, I’m serious. A book. Just don’t know when to start it yet.

Take note that I am writing my journals on a very personal level, more of story telling rather than a guide. The internet is pretty full of “guides” on the outdoor life, I’ll leave the how tos (except for a few here) to those “authorities”. I write base on my experience, my personal circumstances and my subjective bias. So you my readers, always take that into consideration before munching my words verbatim..  But I can promise one thing, I’ll write passionately about  my outdoor life, if that’s the only way to share to the world, that living an outdoor lifestyle is much, much more fulfilling than living boxed in an urban jungle!

So, welcome to my blog and enjoy my posts!

(If you’re looking for my old, real “about page“, you can find that here.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good day!

    sir can i join your activities? i am also a mountaineer situated in Isulan. I had group in my college days (TRIMMOC-Ateneo Chapter). how can i contact your club in Tacurong? hoping for a message in my email. weldonjaybelleza@yahoo.com