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January 3, 2007 Comments Off on Disclaimer! About


  • This is a personal blog. Thus, everything reflected here, explicitly or implied, is the personal opinion and observation of the author.
  • I write about my outdoor adventures and recreational activities which some readers consider as a risky undertaking. If you enjoyed my tales, then I am already happy. If you got a lesson or two, I’m pretty sure you’ll find me cute. Otherwise, I do not and will not encourage readers to imitate, follow, or worse re-create the experiences I write here, unless you agree and have acknowledge the risks, have been deemed fit by an authority in the field, to do such risky (but exhilarating) adventures. Again, the responsibility is all yours, my dear readers.
  • Often I report on medical topics and react on certain medical issues simply because it is affecting the nature of my work (the heath care industry). I have the right to express my opinions about it and so are my readers. Still and even with the medical evidences presented by me, concepts and suggestions should be taken as nothing but the personal opinion of the author.
  • I am not your physician on the net, nor do I advertise to be one. I highly urge readers to consult their personal physician should they need any medical attention. I do not assume any responsibility or liability for any accidents that may arise (no matter how small the risk may be) from reading this blog.

  • Let’s laugh for laughing sakes. Nothing else.I may quote a spoof, a humorous anecdote or a corny joke and all sources will be aptly pointed. While this may provide us with gastronomic laughter (or a dearth of silence), it is not my intention( should someone sees it as such)to malign individuals, groups or any body in this world.
  • I will welcome any comments , even dissenting ones. And I can only promise that I will allow comments be posted on my site, whether dissenting or not, for as long as it conforms to the civilized and ethical way of airing opinions. I may not answer all comments though as this is affected by the availability of my time and my internet connection.
  • More importantly, I reserve the right to revise, update or amend this disclaimer as deemed necessary or by the changing times.

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