About Hiker’s Itch

Hiker’s itch is a blog about the my outdoor adventures and some outdoor related events in the urban areas. It dwells on the broad and limitless topics about outdoors- from climbs, equipments, photography, health, fitness to city events like festivals and family outdoor adventures. It is written from a perspective of a practicing orthopedic surgeon balancing his busy medical life with his outdoor activities. I try to update this blog regularly, usually once a week. Ultimately, this blog’s advocacy is to impart a “fondness for nature”, a responsible attitude towards protecting the very gamut of our survival in this world- Earth.

If you have questions about this site, feel free to contact the author through this page.

I’m filling out these questions (modified) that will help my readers evaluate what I’m writing in this blog.

  1. Who runs this site?Hiker’s Itch  is run by Remo Aguilar, an orthopedic surgeon and hiking enthusiasts from Souther Mindanao.
  2. Who pays for the site? Me.I do most of the tweaking and I have total control over the content. I put ads in the site and receive renumeration from the ad links and actual contracts with specific companies requesting for such services.  I have no financial interest in any of these companies, other than what they pay me to advertise on my site. As of this time, I have not received any gifts from any companies that advertise on Hiker’s Itch.
  3. What is the purpose of the site?It is a medium for me to relate my experiences, post announcements and discuss issues affecting me in particular and outdoor life or mountaineering in general. I am not encouraging my readers to replicate what I relate here, as this has always been considered a risky hobby.
  4. Where does the information come from?Mostly from my experiences, what I hear and read around- the news, journals, net and experiences of colleagues and superiors.The majority of my posting is anecdotal. Some identities will be held confidential to protect privacy.Links to information’s sources are given whenever available.
  5. What is the basis of the information?I answered this in question number four.
  6. How is the information selected? This is an experience based writingI am a beginner on this niche so my postings are based on what I perceived as important to my learning and what might interest the readers.
  7. How current is the information?It will be current only depending on the sources and links given. Often, I do update some post to improve accuracy and factual information.
  8. How does the site choose links to other sites? My links are based solely on sites I read and found interesting .
  9. What information about you does the site collect, and why?The site sometimes collects comments, opinions and votes for sole purposes of enhancing a posts. Information recorded on the site meters is used just for my own personal interest in seeing where my readers come from and keeping track of how much traffic this blog generates. I do not peddle, sell or lease collected information to any other third party company.
  10. How does the site manage interactions with visitors?Not like a patient- physician interaction I hope.I will answer comments when necessary! I sometimes put up mock polls, for purposes of knowing what my readers think and results are not sold for monetary gains.Spammers are blocked. All opinions are welcome. Post containing profanity or harassment are removed.

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